Dark Matters by Kramnik Album of the Month’ (Dec 2012) Future Music Magazine

Dark Matter de Kramnik, fue el pasado mes de Diciembre 2012 valorado como album del mes por la revista Future Music Magazine. 9/10

Mezclas realizadas por Guigher.

“One of the most distinctive and original albums of the year, with a unique and unaffected sound, discovering and exploring new and uncharted territory. ‘Dark Matters’ is a highly atmospheric record that bristles with energy, tension and brooding darkness. It builds with a subtle drive that takes the listener from expansive, eerie sound textures to slabs of bassdriven, tough tech. At times it’s pulsating, at others it laments and stews in its own emotions. Trippy, druggy and rich in thick, intoxicating layers, this intense album sucks you deep into Kramnik’s often-twisted world. A truly singular artist, clearly more interested in his output than the fame it could yield, Kramnik could well be bending our minds for years and decades to come.”
Future Music
‘Album of the Month’ (Dec 2012)